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The Zoo regularly renovates and replaces exhibits, and all recent building projects comply with LEEDS energy use guidelines.

New Construction and Renovations

Arctic Passage (2015)
• Solar panels to help offset the energy used by the seal support building
• On-site underground exhibit pool filtration and cleaning, saving over 2 million gallons of water per year
• Used Tundra buggy research vehicle, repurposed for education
• Rainwater harvesting from the restaurant roof for use in irrigation of zoo plantings

Animal Health Center (2013)
• Reduces and slows rain event discharge into storm water sewer with use of rain gardens
• Reduces water usage through native plantings that require minimal irrigation
• Reduces energy consumption through roof systems that meet Energy Star and LEED requirements including spray foam insulation that virtually eliminates roof air leakage
• Uses natural light in normally occupied spaces and reduces energy through other lighting that is controlled by occupancy sensors in most non-medical areas
• Low VOC paints and coatings throughout the building
• Recycled content and renewable materials in interior gypsum board panels and lay-in ceiling systems
• Sustainably-harvested wood

Children’s Zoo Red Barn (2011)
• Post and beam timber from sustainable forests
• Solar and geothermal heat
• Closed cell foam insulation (R-42)
• 1000 gallon water storage/pump system that captures rain water from the barn roof and that water is then used to hose down the outdoor goat yard