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 Do you have deer that get into your garden, trees, and flowers? Henry Vilas Zoo's big cats would like to help! Zoo Doo (made up of lion and tiger feces) is an all natural deer deterrent to protect your plants and trees. In return, your purchase of Zoo Doo goes directly to support the conservation of lions and tigers in the wild through the AZA Tiger SSP Conservation Program and the Ruaha carnivore project.

Zoo Doo is available in limited quantities for current members of Friends of Henry Vilas Zoo to purchase at $30 for a 15 pound box, payable by cash or check. Email to schedule a pickup time or be added to the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoo Doo

What's in Zoo Doo?
Zoo Doo contains Henry Vilas Zoo's Amur tiger and African lion feces. Zoo Doo is a deer deterrent, not a fertilizer.

Does it smell?
You may notice an initial odor however; it's generally unnoticeable to humans after a short time. The effect on deer lasts much longer. It won't knock you down with odor but I wouldn't put it right next to my window either.

How long does it last?
The effects of Zoo Doo vary. Some gardeners may only need to purchase Zoo Doo once a year, while others may need to purchase more after a few weeks.

How do I apply it in my yard?
15 pounds is the right amount for 1/4-1/2 acre of land. Use gloves and take a handful and drop it every 3-5 feet making a perimeter around what you want to protect. You don't have to put it right up against the trees or flowers. Place it a short distance away from the plants you want to protect.

What are some precautions?
If you want to freeze what's left, put it in a freezer with no food. Use glove when applying in your yard. It should NEVER go in a garden for fertilizer (that is a whole different animal-no, really!)

How much does Zoo Doo cost?
15-pound boxes available for $30, available by appointment only.