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Blue-Crowned Motmot

Momotus momota

Henry Vilas Zoo Blue Crowned Motmot

Habitat: The blue-crowned motmot typically resides in rainforests, second-growth forests, forest edges, shady gardens, and shaded coffee farms. They can be found throughout Mexico, Central America, and most of South America.

Diet: This species is primarily insectivorous, meaning insects consist of most of their diet. They also include fruits in their diet.

Family Life: Blue-crowned motmots live in pairs, never flocks. A pair will have three to five chicks per clutch, or group of eggs. In order to appeal to a potential mate, blue-crowned motmots will sometimes be seen carrying inedible objects in order to impress a mate or disrupt an established pair.

Henry Vilas Zoo Blue Crowned Motmot

The blue-crowned motmot’s endangered status is in the least concern category.

Henry Vilas Zoo Least Concern Graphic
Henry Vilas Zoo Blue Crowned Motmot
  • The blue-crowned motmot is not threatened, but the conservation status may change if habitat destruction continues to persist.
  • Some indigenous tribes use the blue-crowned motmot’s tail feathers and wings for decoration.
Henry Vilas Zoo Blue Crowned Motmot
Fun Facts
  • Great diggers! The blue-crowned motmot digs elaborate nests below ground.
  • Teamwork makes the nest work! Both males and females participate in nest building.
  • The word “motmot” is an American-Spanish word coined as an imitation of the call the birds make.
Henry Vilas Zoo Blue Crowned Motmot
Quick Facts

CLASS: Aves (birds)
ORDER: Coraciiformes (kingfishers and relatives)
FAMILY: Momotidae (motmots)
GENUS: Momotus (motmots)
SPECIES: momota (blue crowned motmot)
LIFE SPAN: 15 years (wild) / 25 years (zoo)
SIZE: 16 inches (40.6 cm)
WEIGHT: 3.6 ounces (102 g)

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