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We are dedicated to exceptional animal care and conserving wildlife through local engagement and global partnerships


Do you remember the first time you saw a giraffe, orangutan, or polar bear? Generations of visitors to the Henry Vilas Zoo say our zoo helped foster their love of animals and passion for joining the fight for conservation of animals and natural resources.

When guests of all ages visit, they are given the chance to connect directly to animals in their natural habitats and our zoo works to inspire them to have strong empathy for animals in the wild. We hope to inspire all guests to join the fight to save the world’s animals and natural resources from extinction locally and globally.

Saving Species Locally

Did you know that local action can help impact our resources around the world? If you can save water while you brush your teeth, or turn of lights when you aren’t using them, you are helping your local ecosystems, and also conserving critical resources like water and energy.

When you visit the Henry Vilas Zoo, you can learn about actions you can take locally, and immerse yourself in ways our zoo works to tell the story of the importance of local conservation. Special stops to make on your visit:

Saving Species Nationally

The Henry Vilas Zoo is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Together with over 230 other accredited facilities, and national conservation partners like the National Parks Foundation, Nature Conservancy and many others, we work to save animals from extinction. Zoos and Aquariums have been critical to saving species like the sandhill crane, grizzly bear (North American brown bear), American bison, and California condor to name a few. When you think about conservation and want to learn more, think no further than your Henry Vilas Zoo – we are here for you, and here to inspire future generations of scientists, conservationists, and zookeepers.

Saving Species Globally

When you visit the Henry Vilas Zoo, it is our goal to connect you directly to our animals in their natural habitats, from visiting our rhino, giraffe, and lions in the plains of Africa, to visiting our polar bear in its Arctic habitat. As you come face to face with these species, we strive to share with you the challenges they face in the wild, and the work we do at Henry Vilas Zoo, and in countries around the world to help ensure their survival.

How do we work globally? We work with other zoos and aquariums around the world, and global conservation partners in the field to protect wildlife and their habitats from exploitation and illegal activity.

Henry Vilas Zoo Bornean Orangutan

Our 2018 Conservation Partners Include:

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