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Zoo Camp

Our Zoo Camp programs, offered in the Spring, Summer, and Winter, feature incredible experiences for children of all ages. At Zoo Camp, your child will come face to face with some of our friendly zoo animals, get a behind-the-scenes look at zoo operations, and visit with our knowledgeable zookeepers!

Spring Break Camp
We’ve made our Spring Break Camp very flexible to fit your schedule. You get the best deal and the most exciting experiences if you sign up for the whole week, but you can also sign up for individual morning or afternoon sessions. In 2019, Spring Break Camp will take place from March 25 – 29. Stay tuned for more information and registration!

Winter Break Camp
It’s time to leave your den and enjoy ours! When winter comes to the Henry Vilas Zoo, our animals stay cozy and so will you. All of our programs include a mix of time spent exploring the outdoors and experiences in our warm indoor spaces. With a different topic each day, and half or full day options, we offer flexible sign-up options to fit your schedule.

For our winter camp you can choose the experience that is right for your camper. All of our camps include unique animal experiences that you can’t find anywhere else in town!

Grades 1-3:

December 26th: Winter Wonderland
People may complain about the weather, but animals have developed amazing adaptations to help them survive through the winters. Discover adaptations of Midwestern species during the morning in “Winter on the Plains,” and with “Wisconsin Winter,” we’ll focus on wildlife closer to home in the afternoon.

December 27th: Winter Warm Up
Take a break from the cold, as we visit and learn about some of our warm-weather animal friends! Learn about desert animals in the morning with “Turn Up the Heat,” and jungle animals in the afternoon with “Tropical Adventures.”

December 28th: Ultimate Survival
Discover the various ways animals find food and shelter during the winter. The morning will focus on the variety of food animals eat with “What’s for Dinner?”, and then we’ll learn about shelters in the afternoon with “Frozen Homes.”

Grades 4-6:

December 26th: Enriching Animal Lives
All of the zoo animals need frequent enrichment to stay healthy and engaged. Learn about the different types of enrichment, animal’s enrichment schedules, and help provide enrichment to some animals. In the morning we’ll wrap some holiday gifts for the animals in “The Giving Season.” In the afternoon, we’ll be focusing on scent and behavioral enrichment with “Chasing Winter Blues.” Help us keep all these paws, beaks, and claws busy!

December 27th: Exploring Animal Science
Be ready to delve into the amazing world of animal produced chemical compounds, from Gila monster venom to lemur stink fights, in the morning in “Cool Chemistry.” Become a marine scientist in the afternoon in “Oceans in Motion.” Learn about the challenges facing some of our ocean-dwelling creatures, such as fish, penguins, and seals.

December 28th: Animal Conservation
Zoos work at the front lines in conservation education and research. In the morning, take on a zookeeper challenge to help our zoo animals and their wild counterparts in “If I Ran the Zoo.” For the afternoon, explore some current animal research in “Research Roundup.”

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Summer Zoo Camp
Our Summer Zoo Camp features your favorite aspects of our previous zoo school programming, now in a full-day, week-long format geared towards working families. Zoo Camp is comparably priced to other childcare options and features exciting and engaging activities for children: exclusive animal encounters, trips behind the scenes with zoo staff, free before and aftercare, and more! Stay tuned for more information and registration for summer 2019.

Questions about Zoo Camp?
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